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We conduct debit processing each business day at the same time. This process transmits information directly to the banks for processing. It is not possible to make any changes to debits set for collection on the day once the debit process has started. We strongly advise that clients make use of the reporting functions within webDebit or their software to ensure the correct clients and amounts are set up for debit on the correct date.


Default and dishonour information is uploaded each business day (Note - default and dishonour information for Saturday morning are uploaded and processed on Saturdays rather than waiting until Monday).


No processing occurs on public/bank holidays or non-business days, where clients are due for debit on these days then the debit will take place on the first business day thereafter. Remittances to client accounts will be delayed by the number of public/bank holidays or non-business days between processing and the normal day of remittance. You should take this into account when considering cash flow forecasts over holiday periods such as Easter and Christmas.

  • Processing undertaken each business day at 2pm
  • Data entry to be completed by 1pm on due date
  • Changes to be completed by 1pm on due date
  • Data transfer from software by 12pm daily